Joining the Fraternity Housing Association is an essential part of your role in the housing department of your organization. By being a part of FHA, you can:

  • Meet other national housing corp professionals in the fraternity/sorority community who share common needs and interests

  • Discover resources and support for ways to more effectively do your job

  • Be exposed to trending needs and issues for Greek housing

  • Learn how to better work with vendors and occupants, and communicate your vision and goals to stakeholders such as alumni and local housing corp volunteer

  • Have access to the FHA newsletter which consists of updates about the upcoming conference, who can write or present on a range of topics including but not limited to leasing, house director management, financing, construction design, insurance impacts, and more.

  • Receive access to our listing syndications for properties for sale or lease as well as for those looking to acquire properties on campuses.
  • Be invited to several events throughout the year, notably the Annual Conference and Lunch & Learn sessions (quarterly).

  • Be in the know with the FHA ListServ IO Group which allows for organizations to correspond regularly from inquiring about vendor recommendations for a campus to seeking advice for the group brain trust.

  • Give back to other professionals who are starting their housing careers or positions at their organizations.

For more information, please contact FHA at fraternalhousinginc@gmail.com.



Currently, there is no membership fee for national organization staff members. Memberships automatically renew based on attendance at the annual conference and or engagement with the association.  If your organization’s contact information needs updated, notify us at fraternalhousinginc@gmail.com.

Are you a strategic partner looking to get involved with FHA? While the organization’s members are staff members of national fraternal organizations, strategic partners are very much a part of the association. Currently, membership/involvement for strategic partners is based on attendance at the annual conference. See our Sponsorship Opportunities webpage for more details on being a sponsor which includes attendance at the conference.