The purpose of the Fraternal Housing Association is education and support for fraternal housing professionals to share ideas and resources to further the greek housing experience.


Opportunities that expand our professional experience


Collaboration and resource sharing moving the whole Greek community forward


Professional connections turned into business opportunities


“One of the best things I have done since working for PIKE in their real estate department is join the Fraternal Housing Association. There is not a better group to collaborate with or turn to when you need help. Several recent successes we have had are directly attributable to skills learned or people met from attending the past two FHA conferences.” Jared Campell, Director of Real Estate with PIKE


“This was my third year attending FHA and this is my favorite housing conference of the year. Attendees are passionate about fraternity/sorority housing and I appreciate the networking opportunities this conference affords. Having both men’s and women’s groups in the same room helps the thinking outside the box and creates additional opportunities for support.” Kari Huffman, Director of 1872 Properties, Alpha Phi International Fraternity


“FHA has proven its value as a clearinghouse for all things fraternal housing and is worth its weight in gold for those of us in the industry. The connections with other fraternal housing professionals, vendors, and those who support the industry create a network that can solve the problems of today… and those we have not wrangled with just yet. If you haven’t been to the annual conference, you are missing out!” Scott Rarick, Director of Business Development, Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity


“My experiences with Fraternal Housing Association are so rewarding. Not only do I get the opportunity to meet and chat with fraternity and sorority housing staff about their chapter housing needs, but I also get to have a substantive conversation about trends in Greek housing financing options. And the best part of the conference is that attendees share experiences that others can learn from.” Jen Henson, President of Residential Capital Corp


"Fraternity and Sorority houses have unique needs, and the FHA plays an invaluable role in connecting the professionals working to serve those needs. As a vendor partner, we appreciate the inclusiveness we always feel when participating in FHA events." Brian Gill, President of Gill Grilling